Sportcash One ICO Rating
sportcash-one ICO rating

Select your desired amount of SCOne tokens and discount

Residents outside Brazil need to check their national crypto regulations before investing

50 – 2.000 Tokens
15% Discount
Option to buy with PayPal
2.001 -100.000 Tokens
20% Discount
Advanced KYC Required

KYC system under construction

100.001 – 200.000 Tokens
25% Discount
Advanced KYC Required

KYC system under construction



SCOne is built on the Waves Platform, as a scripted asset. The baseprice of SCOne is 1 Euro and with scripting we secure no SCOne will ever be exchanged lower than this set price.
Each 6 months we will follow the Brazilian inflation
and will correct the SCOne price in Euros accordingly.

Liquidity & Value of our token:

30% Liquidity Guaranty of the total tokens in circulation;
• Products and services for sale in our platform in relation to tokens;
• Value of our project and platform



SportcashOne token price will be generated every 6 months from this variability

• Base price of 1 Euro.
• Pegged to the Brazilian general inflation rate,
at or near 4 % over the last 5 years.
• Requests of the market from Users, Brands, Shops
and token sales to Brands.
• Inflation of sports items and services in the global market.



Vendor Shop

Social Network

Online Sports/Crypto Magazine



Token as a Service

Gateway Payment Service



Loyalty Program

Payment Program

Charity Program

Athletes Program


Custom Wallet creation

Multiple E-commerce plugins to accept client custom tokens as a payment option.

Token Name : Sportcash One
Short Name: $SCONE
Created on the Waves Platform at: 03/14/2019
Token ID: 5CCDd9LqPVL67kpZpDtXw2D2zXwEp5LqgBbQtA1HtijZ
Supply: 10,000,000 (ten million tokens)
Decimals: 3
Re-issuable: No




Sportcash One offers a Sports Social Network which will allow for increased media coverage of all Athletes on our network. It will allow the Athletes to post their own photos, videos, best sports results, promote their own events and even offer tickets to some of their most popular events.

Fans and Brands from around the world will be able to use Sportcash One to sponsor up and coming Athletes, thereby allowing them to enhance their name recognition. The sponsorship funds go directly to the Athletes, with no middleman to maximize the efficiency of the payments. By using our Blockchain technology all transactions will be transparent and secure, eliminating almost all potential fraud. Athletes will be able to get rewards with Sportcash One tokens ($SCOne) and share their media on our Social Network.

Sportcash One also provides an integrated Crowdfunding Solution where Brands and Fans have the ability to sponsor Athletes and Sports Associations to help create sustainable projects and launch athletic careers.



Sportcash One offers a Sports/Crypto Magazine where you can find the latest information about Sports and Crypto. In this Magazine you can find the latest developments in sports and crypto but also get up to date news regarding Athletes, Brands, Clubs, Vendors and Fans.



Sportcash One offers an online Multi-Vendor Shop, giving each vendor the option of selling their own goods and services.

Sportcash One will support vendors with technical assistance in the onboarding and setup phase.

Benefits to having a shop on the Sportcash One network:
Professional assistance in setting up your online shop
Transactions occur in almost real time
Saving vendors up to 90% in transaction fees through a reduction in transaction costs using cryptocurrencies, compared to regular money transfers.



Sportcash One offers a Customer Loyalty program to reward loyal customers. The program, combined with Blockchain technology, provides for inexpensive and fast transfers between clients and vendors on our network. Companies can use the Loyalty Program to reward their customers and sell more products. Customers earn coins as they make purchases and can use those coins to get rewards, discounts or special offers.



Sportcash One will offer several E-commerce plugins, allowing shops to accept our $SCOne token for payments. Additionally, plugins will be created for many E-commerce platforms such as WooCommerce, Shopify & Magento.

Combined with our Token as a Service product, clubs and teams can use our service to accept their own custom club-tokens in their shops.



Sportcash One will offer Brands and Fans the opportunity to support their favorite athletes in their Social Network Platform, through media attention, purchasing personalized sports gear or arranging funding.



Sportcash One will offer the option to support and donate money to charitable projects. Charity programs can present themselves on the Social Network and users can fund projects, helping them achieve their goals.



Sportcash One will offer a Blockchain Wallet, enabling users to send and receive $SCOne tokens. A Decentralized Exchange is integrated inside the wallet, offering multiple (fiat and crypto) currencies to trade in addition to our very own $SCOne.



Sportcash One will provide Clubs a new financial model by giving them the opportunity to create their own Blockchain Digital token!

This service includes Token-Design, Issuing Services and a Custom Wallet with an integrated Decentralized Exchange. (tokens are immediately available to trade and no time is wasted getting a token listed on an external exchange).

As with all our Tokens, integration into our E-commerce Payment Solutions is supported. Clubs and Shops can accept their own token as payment, offering Fans & Athletes a payment solution with their own token.



Sportcash One will offer several E-commerce plugins including WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento and others.

With our Gateway Payment Services, Sportcash One will support Shops with technical assistance in the onboarding process, the setup phase and all along the way to create a successful Online Shop.

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